This is a list of services that can use NICHIRIN token

To earn

You can use various services by using NICHIRIN token.
It is also possible to provide services and earn NICHIRIN tokens.

Digital material sales site "MATERIN"

NICHIRIN Project Official Service
You can buy and sell original digital material with NICHIRIN token.
Sales commission is 0%! Anyone can sell up to 3 items for free listing.
There are lots of unique materials not elsewhere! Let's make a difference to your rival blog!

To receive

It is a service that you get a NICHIRIN token.

It is a domestic product token introduction site operated by Mr.SUKEDACHI
It introduces various domestic product tokens issued at Waves Platform.
If you have Waves address, you can get your favorite token every day.
Of course you can also get NICHIRIN Token!


We will continue to add as needed.

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