Flow of purchasing tokens

Here I will explain the procedure of how to purchase "NICHIRIN TOKEN".

Acquire Waves Wallet

NICHIRIN TOKEN was created by virtual currency Waves. Therefore, in order to handle it, you need a Waves official wallet.
Here I will explain how to create Waves Wallet.

There are two ways to create WavesWallet.

You can make either one first and let it cooperate with the other one.
I will explain in order.

Full function Waves client

This is the official page of Waves client.
There are download version (left side) and web browser version (right side).
Although the download version is light in operation, the Web browser version has the advantage that updates are done automatically.

Since we will create a wallet this time, please click "create a new account" above.

In order from the top,
"Choose your address avatar" ... Select the avatar to be displayed. It can not be changed later.
"Protect Your Account with a New Password" ... Enter an arbitrary password of 8 or more characters.
"Confirm password" ... Enter the password you entered for confirmation again. Please click "Continue" when you have finished entering all.

Back up your wallet so that it can be used by other equipment as well.
If you do not do this, you will not be able to access the same wallet when you buy a computer, and you will lose all the assets. Always make a backup. Please click "Back Up Now".

Handle backup phrases carefully! is what it reads. To backup WavesWallet, you need to enter 15 English words without mistakes.
As this secret key is known to someone, it is easily hacked, so it is important to strictly manage it with individuals. There are also phishing sites that pretend to be the official Waves website, and many cases have been stolen all assets by entering a secret key without noticing it. Please note that "Please do not enter on anything other than the official page" Please note.
Please click "i understand".

The part surrounded by a red frame is the secret key to access your wallet.
Do not show it to other people absolutely. Write down the 15 words containing this space in order and save. You can copy it to the clipboard by clicking "copy them". Copy it to a notepad etc (Although it is safe to physically store it on paper) please manage it.
If you write down correctly, click "I wrote it."

I will click on the 15 blocks in which the English words underneath are listed in the order of the secret keys that I saw earlier. (Although we will only click this time, please be careful not to make a mistake as it will be hand-input when accessing the wallet from other equipment)
When all are arranged in order, please click "Confirm".

Three check boxes will appear. I will explain sequentially from the top.

  1. I understand that my funds are not companies but are kept safely with this device.
  2. When this application is moved to another device or deleted, I understand that my Waves can only be restored with a backup phrase.
  3. I would like to help improve the Waves platform by sending anonymous usage statistics to developers.

1 and 2 are mandatory checks. The third one is optional. If you do not mind, it may be good to cooperate.
After checking please press "Confirm and Begin".

Wallet registration is now complete.

A smartphone application compatible with Android and iOS

Various smartphone applications are also being developed.
The iOS version and the Android version use slightly different feeling, but here I will explain with the iOS version as an example. First, search the WavesWallet on the App Store and download it.

This is the first start screen. Tap "Create New Wallet" at the top.

Create your account on the Waves platform.
Create an address with a combination of secret keys called SEED (seed). This SEED must be kept in a very important and safe place. It is written that security management should be firm, such as.
Please tap "I Understand" to proceed.

The 15 words on top of Wallet Seed are the secret keys to access your Wallet.
Those of the picture are made public because they are not using Wallet, but you should never show it to people absolutely.
Write down this 15 words on paper and keep it carefully, or write it in an electronic memo and keep it in a place not spilling out. If you reinstall the application or change the model, you can not access the same wallet without entering this SEED correctly.If you lose your SEED, you may not be able to log in again. Wallet Name should be given an arbitrary wallet name.
If you lose your SEED, you may not be able to log in again. Wallet Name should be given an arbitrary wallet name. After inputting, tap "Create Wallet".

Set a password to log in to the wallet.
Please enter at least 6 alphanumeric characters (I think that it must have included upper case letters and lower case letters in memory, but it is not certain).
Enter the same parsed twice at the bottom and tap "OK".

This completes the creation of the wallet, but we will set backpack from here.
Please tap "..." (more) at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Please tap "backup wallet" near the center.

SEED words are displayed in order.
Swipe to display all 15 items. Please refrain from here when you forgotten or forgotten at the beginning.

When the 15th display finishes, the "check" button below will be pressed. Please prepare a sheet ahead of SEED and tap "Check".

Enter three words in the specified order.
press "Verify" and backpack setting is completed.

Send currency from another exchange or wallet

To purchase NICHIRIN TOKEN, I will deposit it to WavesWallet.
There is a method of purchasing remittance of virtual currency waves overseas and remittance and a method of purchasing and sending beat coins or Ether salem at domestic exchanges and exchanging with Waves with distributed handles in Waves Platform.
I will explain each.

Waves purchase flow from Japanese exchanges

  1. Deposit Japanese yen on domestic exchange
  2. Exchange Japanese yen and BitCoin
  3. Transfer BitCoin to overseas moving location
  4. Exchange BitCoin and Waves
  5. Send Waves to Waves Wallet
  6. Exchange Waves and NICHIRIN with distributed handles in Waves Wallet

In overseas exchanges, the liquidity of Waves transactions was expensive, easy to maintain, but please be aware that there are many remittance fees.

Transfer BTC directly from a japanese exchange

  1. Deposit Japanese yen on domestic exchange
  2. Exchange Japanese yen and BitCoin
  3. Send BitCoin to Waves Wallet
  4. Replace BitCoin and Waves on a distributed exchange in WavesWallet
  5. Exchange Waves and NICHIRIN with distributed handles in Waves Wallet

This is a little more troublesome, but the order placement within WavesWallet is a small number of people as handles Because the liquidity is low, many Waves are not gotten and it is not lost.

How to confirm the remittance destination address

WavesWallet's address changes depending on the device you are using.
Here we will show you how to confirm the address.

Waves Client

In your address of (1), you will receive the token made with Waves and Waves and the address will be displayed.
(2) Click on the deposit in each currency, the address for receiving that currency will be displayed.


(1) If you tap more on the bottom right, you will receive the token made at Waves and Waves at the top and the address will be displayed.
(2) Also tap the currency you'd like to check and select the reception, the address will be displayed.
(I have heard that you can not check from Android only, Backup screen.)

Exchange currency and token with DEX in WavesPlatform

I purchase NICHIRIN TOKEN in the currency I sent to WavesWallet.
I will explain the method in detail.

Deal with Waves Client

It is the top screen of Waves Client.
Please click the icon of the second candlestick chart mark from the top of the three icons in the upper left corner.

This is the top screen of Waves' distributed exchange (DEX).
We will conduct transactions on this page.

It was written as the wave of (1). This is the currency to use.
If you enter NICHIRIN in (2), Waves / NICHIRIN will be ordered.
Furthermore, you can change the main of the pair by clicking the wave of (1).
If you change here to NICHIRIN you will not be able to order NICHIRIN.
You can also select Vito Coin and Ethereum here.

I think that a window like the one shown is out.
To sell, please click SELL on the left side. When buying, please click the appropriate BUY.
Click BUY this time.

Then a large screen will appear so enter the amount and enter the number of tokens. Enter the price limit on the limit price. Finally click Place Buy Order to complete.
It is an example of dealings, but even if you want 100 NICHIRIN. Selling boards for "0.1 wave 50 NICHIRIN" "0.2 wave 50 NICHIRIN" are on sale at the auction. In this case, enter 100 for the amount. Enter 0.2 for the marginal price. Then you can purchase tokens up to 0.2 waves until you reach 100 tones.

You can also buy and sell by directly clicking the order form on the right of the screen.
When arranging boards yourself, you just enter the amount alongside the marginal price.

Deal with a smartphone

It is the top screen of iOS application.
Please tap the second Dex from the right of the menu.

At first Waves and BTC are not registered together.
I will add a transaction of NICHIRIN here.
Please tap "+" Mac in the upper right of the screen.

Although the retrieval list comes out, I think that the thing with a mark like a shield written "☆" on the left side of the transaction which probably came out is displayed. This represents the tokens officially registered in the wave. Unfortunately, NICHIRIN TOKEN is not displayed here yet.

Please tap "..." in the upper right.
Then I think that a menu like the picture on the left comes out.
Please tap "Show Unverified Assets" in the lower row.

All tracks announced at Waves will be displayed.
Enter "NICHIRIN" in the search window at the top of the page.

Since all orders for NICHIRIN will come out, tap the "+" mark of the pair you want to register.。
After that, once you return to the screen of DEX, the page you added is registered, so tap to do the deal.

To do a transaction, tap the displayed ORDERBOOK or tap the order in the upper right.

Enter the amount in ***.
Enter the quantity to be handled for the amount of NICHIRIN.
Tap on the bottom Place Buy Order or Place Sell Order to place orders.

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