NICHIRIN TOKEN (NICHIRIN) is developed for the purpose of matching between creators and customers.
It is possible to purchase and use the work created by creators with NICHIRIN TOKEN. The NICHIRIN TOKEN paid for purchase will be returned to 100% creators. In general, sales fee of 20% to 30% will be incurred, but sales fee is set to 0% for NICHIRIN TOKEN.
NICHIRIN TOKEN can be exchanged for virtual currency such as virtual currency "Waves", "bitcoin" or "Ethereum". Currently there is no direct transaction with the Japanese yen, so it is necessary to exchange it to Japanese yen at a Japanese exchange via a currency such as bit coin. In the future it is planned to proceed to be handled even at Japanese exchanges.

Currently, as a movement of the project I am producing a digital data material sales site.
On the sale site, anyone can exhibit as a creator and can sell their work and all purchases of works are done using NICHIRIN TOKEN. We will have some registration fee upon exhibition.
The purchase fee at the time of purchase of the work is free (* Remittance fee of Waves platform separately takes charge).

The base part of the sale site has been completed, and we have already successfully downloaded the work using the NICHIRIN TOKEN. We will plan site design and system adjustment in the future, we plan to start operation within this year after registering business.

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